The Great Nordic Feast

On Friday the 20th of October, Marianna and Sam will be taking part in the The Great Nordic Feast, not just a meal, but a cultural bonanza across three days.  High profile chefs from eight Nordic destinations and the UK cook live and serve the tastiest treats from the lands of the midnight sun.

Dive into a fire cooked feast infused with Nordic flora, ideas and music, as two chefs and a baker from the Nordics and the UK combine gastro talents in this creative dining experience. Prepare for a feast based on Nordic ingredients, which includes three savoury dishes, one dessert, salads and special breads made by one of the Nordic bakers.

Friday’s Feast will be hosted by Team Sweden, Faroe Islands & Iceland. Signature dishes from Titti Qvarnström (Sweden), Keri Moss (UK), Ylfa Helgadóttir (Iceland), Mariana Leivaditaki (UK & Greece), Anna Rubeksen (Faroe Islands) and Sam Clark (UK).

Bookings now available.