Secret Cinema 2013

Secret Cinema

We’re really excited to be partnering with our friends at Secret Cinema again, this time providing food to accompany their live immersive music experience featuring the wonderful Laura Marling.

For 16 nights only, Laura’s latest album ‘Once I Was an Eagle’ will be brought to life in the Grand Eagle Hotel (est. 1865), a secret, unused building in Hackney, which has been transformed into a hotel in 1927, with a full live performance by Laura Marling.

From the 13th June until the 30th June, Secret Cinema will host the 1927 Eagle Ball to celebrate the re-opening of this glamorous resort, and release a limited amount of tickets to the currently sold out show as part of Secret Restaurant.

Hotel Master Thomas Undine and his staff will see to the well-being of all guests, and lead through the sonic experience with charm and elegance. All guests must observe a strict black-tie dress code to meet the expectations of the house, and join in the most spectacular ball of the year.

Secret Restaurant, under the auspices of Sam and Sam Clark and the Moro team, will open its doors every night exclusively to 36 guests, who will be immersed in the curious, romantic world of the Grand Eagle Hotel. Diners at the Secret Restaurant will take part in a lavish three-course banquet, featuring a variety of culinary delights. Patrons will be served chilled almond soup with sour cherry and black bread; roast quail with rose petals and pistachios with jewelled rice and herb salad; and Alfonso mango with pashmak.

We have also been appointed as suppliers of all foods to the Grand Eagle Hotel: in the Dining rooms, and in the Pantry Kitchen.  All guests can revel in an array of dishes including a special vegan option designed by Laura Marling, a passionate chef herself.

Tickets are available here.