Wilderness 2016

Moro at Wilderness 2016

“Wilderness has become a must-do event in the Moro calendar and every year we look forward to being part of this unique cultural experience. This year, we’re delighted to be bringing a host of new dishes and flavours to the festival, all housed in our stunning Souk Tent.”  – Sam Clark

Wandering nomads of the Wilderness can refuel at Sam and Sam Clark’s Moro Souk Tent.  With their unique fusion of Spanish, African and Middle Eastern dishes, Moro will be importing their flavoursome offerings from Exmouth Market, into a cosy and colourful Bedouin-style tent in the Wilderness. Sam and Sam Clark are inspired by a cuisine that has its roots in Spain and the Muslim Mediterranean. These two regions are linked historically by the Moors’ 700 year occupation of Spain (from the eighth to the fifteenth century). Two great culinary traditions were drawn together, in what is often known as the marriage of saffron and cinnamon.

Today you will find at Moro dishes that remain faithful to their specific origins, whether they are Spanish or North African. Moro’s kitchen is alive. The wood burning oven and charcoal grill are both fed throughout the day, and the aroma of the sourdough bread baking pervades the air. There are silent cultures of homemade yoghurt, and fermenting vinegar hidden away from the constant clamour of the kitchen. Colour, texture and taste are combined on the diner’s plate.