Asparagus season is here!

We always look forward to the asparagus season which starts at the end of April and lasts through to June.

When we go to Andalucia during springtime we keep our eyes peeled for wild asparagus that grow along the roadsides. There, the classic way of eating these thin wild spears is chopped into small pieces and stewed in olive oil with garlic and jamon, and served with lots of bread to mop up the juices or in a revuelto (scrambled eggs).

We buy British asparagus from the Wye Valley and Kent. They are blanched briefly to retain the verdant colour but for long enough so they just lose their crunch. Then we grill them over charcoal to order and dress them with lemon and olive oil.

At Moro, we are featuring charcoal grilled hand-dived Scottish scallop, asparagus and lemon thyme on our new 2021 menu and Morito Exmouth has a delicious labneh, english asparagus & dukkah, chilli & zaa’tar.

Labneh, english asparagus & dukkah, chilli & zaa’tar.