The Courgette

In our kitchen the humble courgette is never ignored.

There are in fact many varieties that you can grow and we particularly like the pale varieties that you can find in Greek and Turkish shops, the ridged zucchini from Italy, and the yellow courgettes that make any dish look visually stunning.

But even if the only courgette available is the standard green one, it is a great vehicle for piquant spice combinations and is a component part of many of our mezze plates in the restaurant – delicious combined with lightly toasted pinenuts, raisins and sweet onions, for example.

Coarsely grated into a gram flour batter alongside feta, dill and mint, they make fresh and light fritters, the perfect lunchtime dish served with seasoned yoghurt and a tomato salad.  And with the advent of warmer weather a seasonal favourite from our allotment days is a delicious summer soup that can be served hot or cold and features in our book, Moro East.

So please, a plea – never underrate the humble courgette!